Skin, Facials & The Benefits

Our skin renewal is based on average on a 28 day cycle. This is really dependant on age, a person of 19-25 years of age will regenerate every 14-21 days, someone in their 40’s will have a skin cycle of 45-60 days and someone in their 50’s-60’s will have a 60-90-day cycle. This of course will be dependent on individual factors like lifestyle, illness, hormones etc. A good skin care regime is important to help those new cells rejuvenate the skin giving it a better chance to look and feel healthy.

The basics of our skin.

Our skin has three layers known as the Epidermis, Dermis and Hypodermis. Without going into too much science the epidermis is the outer layer of skin, made up mainly from scale-like cells called squamous cells. Under these cells are round cells called basal cells which continually divide, and new cells are pushed toward the surface of the skin where they eventually shed. The deepest part of the epidermis contains melanocytes which are cells that produce melanin, which gives our skin its colour.

The middle layer of our skin is called the Dermis, which is the thickest layer of the skin. This is where we have three different types of tissue known as Collagen, Elastic Tissue and Reticular Fibres. The dermis also consists of blood capillaries and lymph vessels that sit along with hair follicles, sweat glands, nerve endings and many other structures. The dermis contains a lot of the body’s water supply and has an important role in regulating temperature and providing blood to the epidermis. The dermis also has an important gland called the Sebaceous Gland, which is basically the gland that produce our body’s natural oils. These glands are known for becoming blocked causing blackheads and acne.

The third layer of the skin is known as the Hypodermis which is the fatty layer that is sat like a cushion between our body's other organs and the skin.

Over the years our skin tends to lose elasticity and collagen due to the slowdown in cell production. This causes us to have looser skin which creates fine lines and wrinkles. Our skin is also defined by lifestyle like our diets, sun exposure, the environment we surround ourselves with, substances like alcohol, drugs, nicotine etc. It is also affected by how we look after our skin such as poor hygiene, lack of sun screen, not hydrating the skin enough and lack of a regular skin care routine, such as cleansing, toning and moisturising twice a day, with a regular exfoliation and mask once a week.

So, what’s a facial?

It’s basically a multistep treatment that deep cleanses the skin, clearing out blocked pores with steam and exfoliation, whilst having a professional skin analysis and massage and appropriate mask treatment.

What is the process at ADH Massage and Beauty?


For a luxury facial it will start with a consultation to talk about your current skin care regime, products being used and issues that you are having with your skin at the moment and what you are hoping to gain long term with your skin. You will need to fill out a health consultation sheet to ensure that there are no contra-indications prior to treatment. You will lie on a heated bed with your eyes closed, listening to calming music in a low lighting room, smelling the relaxing aromas of essential oils to aid mental wellbeing. Then the relaxation begins!


This will involve a deep double cleanse of the skin removing any traces of environmental oils and makeup with a warm bowl of water and sponges. Gentle massaging movements will be used in an upward direction through the neck and face.


The next step is the analysis of your skin. With eye pads on your eyes to protect them from the "light up" magnifying glass, I will be taking a close up look of your skin to see what it is doing currently, where the sensitive areas are and what treatment plan will be best for your skin type.

Exfoliation / Steam

The third step will involve a deep exfoliation with a gentle scrub to clear out blocked pores using warm water and sponges or the use of a gentle steam will be applied depending on the skin type. Then warm cloths will be used to open the pores. Depending on your consultation and request this will then be an opportunity for the extraction (by hand) of blackheads should it be needed and wanted.


This is where the relaxation & magic happens. This first starts with the décolletage area being massaged using aromatherapy oils leading to the upper arms, through to the upper back and neck, then leading to the neck and face. The facial massage stimulates the blood circulation and lymphatic systems which aids the release of bad toxins whilst helping those underlying cells to rejuvenate healthy cells to the top layer of the epidermis. This also aids the production of collagen and helps to increase the elasticity of the skin, thus helping the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Because the blood circulation is being worked, this helps the skin to glow. Because of the power of touch the massage really aids physical and mental wellbeing. So, although you can have a good skin care regime at home this is something you can’t practice on yourself to the same professional quality.


The next step involves adding the appropriate mask to help with either detoxifying, hydrating or rejuvenation. The mask is applied and left for the appropriate time, usually 15 minutes whilst you are given a massage to the arms and hands. The mask will then be taken off with sponges and hot towels will be applied to reveal the glowing skin.


This is an important part of our facial routine that is often missed. After opening up the pores and cleaning the skin, the next step is to close them before adding any other products. This decreases the risk of clogging them up, especially with makeup and spf. This process involves a wipe over with a natural toner which also feels refreshing to the skin.

Serum / Moistures

Then an appropriate serum will be pressed gently onto the skin to help absorb the beautiful moisturiser, finished off with an eye serum and lip balm.


Your skin analysis will be discussed with you and a treatment plan will be recommended, together with your aftercare.

So what are the benefits?

Well apart from the total relaxation time and an hour to yourself to just zone out and be pampered, which is so important for our emotional and mental wellbeing, there are also physical and scientific benefits too. We want to be unblocking those clogged up pores and helping the production of those healthy skin cells push through to the surface of the skin. Once those dead skin cells are removed our skin gets a chance to breathe. The massage aids the blood circulation which helps with collagen rising to the surface, whilst draining the lymphatic system which aids the release of bad toxins. The skin is left glowing and you feel more relaxed and refreshed. Regular facials will help with fine lines and clarity of the skin and the recommendation is to have one at least once every 28 days.

Of course, no basic facial will dramatically change larger wrinkles, scars and deep acne but there are other facial treatments that may help with this like microdermabrasions, fillers, chemical peels and laser treatments. Major skin issues will need advice from a medical professional like a dermatologist so speak to your GP if this is something you would like to address.

So now you know the skin's cycle, how a facial works and its amazing benefits, you can see why it's important to get a regular facial and get on top of your skin care routine. Give your skin some love by booking a facial now. You can book by clicking here or by calling / texting 07967004185.

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