Terms & Conditions

All treatments are subject to a signed consultation form which will tell the therapist if you are fit for each individual treatment.

Some treatments will need a 48 hrs patch test booked in advanced. No treatment that is needing a patch test will be under taken without one.

Even though patch test are taken the therapist can not be held responsible or held liable for any reaction which may happen.

The client declaration is signed by the client before treatments and forms are kept on record with the salon but held in a secure place and not share with any third party person or business.

Clients should turn up at least 10 mins prior to the appointment to allow for consultation time. 

If a customer is more than 5 mins late for the appointment the appointment may not take place due to this affecting other clients appointments in the day. Should this happen the client will be charge for half of the original appointment time.

The therapist is within her rights to cancel your appointment at any time. if this is the case either a new appointment  time will be given or a full refund will be issued.


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